What’s Holding Japanese Women Back


Educated women are a key engine powering “Abenomics,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to revive Japan’s somnolent economy.  In speeches this week at the New York Stock Exchange and the United Nations, Abe has spotlighted women as a major source of potential that has not been fully utilized. “If these women rise up,”  he said, “I believe Japan can achieve strong growth.”

The call for a culture change that would allow women to “lean in” is long overdue. To be sure, Japan has long prioritized equal access to education for women – with a result that Japanese girls score higher in science than boys and constitute nearly half (48%) of university graduates. Yet only 67% of college-educated women are currently employed, and many of them either languish in low-paid, part-time jobs or are shunted into dead-end “office-lady” roles serving tea for male managers and dusting their desks at the end…

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Xbox Fitness: A Really, Really, Good Way to Get In Shape!

Xbox Fitness: A Really, Really, Good Way to Get In Shape!

Xbox One users can now connect to something Microsoft has called Xbox Fitness. Using Kinect, this fitness program is not like anything you’ve ever seen on the Wii or any other console – it actually makes sense, and it will get you in shape. Read on!

Xbox Fitness

Netflix Super HD: Now Available to All


Got Netflix? Well, now you have access to the company’s Super HD videostoo. Previously, only those Netflix customers with a certain ISP (Internet Service Providers) could access the Super HD videos and shows. Now, Netflix is letting all customers access these options.

netflix super hd

How To Trade In Your Old iPhone

How To Trade In Your Old iPhone

The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C have arrived. Suddenly, your iPhone 5 isn’t looking so hot, and your iPhone 4 is looking even worse. Is there any way to sell or trade your older phone for the newest version? Take a look at these for sale tips.
how to trade in your old iphone

Curved: Should You Buy Into this TV Trend?

Curved: Should You Buy Into this TV Trend?

Is curved what’s next when it comes to TVs? It certainly looks that way. But, curved, it seems, is not enough. The TVs being shown off at IFA Berlin were not only curved, they were also monstrous. LG has officially launched the biggest curved TV at a whopping 78-inches. That’s a big TV.

LG oled

BitGym: This Exercise App Is Different. Really.

BitGym: This Exercise App Is Different. Really.

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By now, you are probably tired of hearing about exercise apps. After all, what could a new exercise app do that the last fifty haven’t tried to accomplish? It’s easy to take that stance, and I fully understand if you do. But, there are still app developers out there that aim to innovate.