AmazonSmile: A Simple Way to Give Back This Holiday Season

amazon smile program
Because the holiday season is upon us, it’s always a good time of year to start thinking about ways to contribute to society.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t think about good deeds all year long, but, let’s face it, most of us go for the good when the snowflakes start to fall. This year, Amazon is getting in on the holiday giving with a new service called AmazonSmile.

Steam Is Still Going Strong

Steam Is Still Going Strong

Steam turned ten this year and is about to close off the year with a giant bang. Presently, there are more than 64-million people using Steam. That’s an impressive number, and it’s a number that beats out Xbox Live‘s users. Why is Steam so darn popular? It has a lot to do with free and available games. It also has a ton to do with simplicity.
steam still going strong

Battlefield 4 Will Knock Your Socks Off – If You Have the Right

Battlefield 4 Will Knock Your Socks Off – If You Have the Right

The last Battlefield title was released in 2011. Now, a new Battlefield game is here. Battlefield 4 is more intense than Battlefield 3 in every way, and this game comes with a lot of bonuses that you’ll love.

battlefield 4

Canada Gets World’s First Bitcoin ATM!

Here in Canada, we don’t have any more pennies. Starting next week, though, we will have Bitcoin ATMs. That’s right, Canada is going to have the world’s first Bitcoin ATM. The ATM will be installed in Vancouver outside of a popular coffee house. One the machine has been set up, Canadians will be able to exchange Canadian dollars for Bitcoins.

canada bitcoin atm

Vicarious Invents a Computer That Can Crack CAPTCHA Codes

Vicarious Invents a Computer That Can Crack CAPTCHA Codes

It was said, back in the days of Asimov, that computers will one day think like the human brain. Vicarious, a start up based in San Francisco, has set out to prove that the future is, indeed, here. How? By creating a computer that can crack CAPTCHA codes.

vicarious captcha code

Is the Army Stealing Weapon Designs from Halo?

Is the Army Stealing Weapon Designs from Halo?

So, it’s not every day that video games become a part of real life – or, rather, a concept from a video game. Often, it’s the other way around with parts of real life entering the storyline of a video game. 

But, there are exceptions to every rule. 
army halo helmet

Google’s New Offshore Data Centers – Mysterious and Creepy

Google’s New Offshore Data Centers – Mysterious and Creepy

There’s an island in San Francisco Bay called ‘Treasure Island.’ There’s nothing new about this mass of land, but there is a new structure being built on the island. This building is called ‘Building 3,’ and speculations are that Google owns the new building. What is the search giant up to?

google treasure island

PS4 Will Require An Update Right Away

PS4 Will Require An Update Right Away

The PlayStation 4 officially arrives on November 15th. Along with the new console comes an update. An update? Already? How can that be? As it turns out Sony doesn’t have time to install the updates before the consoles roll out, but gamers can update the consoles for free as soon as they arrive.

ps4 updates required

AMD’s Newest Graphics Card Is Expensive and Impressive

Adding a $549 graphics card to your PC may be out of budget for most people, but AMD’s newest card promises to be one of the best ever invented. Yes, that’s saying a lot, but this card is really up there as far as what you can get out of it.

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