PUSH: The Latest FItness Device

PUSH: The Latest FItness Device

Anyone who has been to the gym to lift weights to increase muscle mass and get stronger has been there: you’re laying on the bench with the barbell in your hands, arms shaking, wondering if you even have one more rep in you. It could go either way: you got it, or you don’t. 

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The Leica M (Red) Camera: Interesting and Charitable

The Leica M (Red) Camera: Interesting and Charitable

What’s next? 

A special project from Apple designers Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson: the Leica M (RED) Camera. This Leica camera will be offered at a Sotheby’s auction in November, and the camera will be auctioned off for charity. Pictures of the new camera were just released on Tuesday, and they show us a bit of what the camera has to offer.

leica m camera