Twitter Asks Users to Verify Age

Twitter Asks Users to Verify Age

Twitter takes this underage drinking thing seriously, it seems. The social network is now asking any user that follows certain brewing companies to verify age requirements prior to following that person. If those age restrictions are not met in 24 hours, no following will happen.

twitter age verification

Best Black Friday Apps to Download Now!

Best Black Friday Apps to Download Now!

black friday apps to use

Crazy enough to head out to stores on Black Friday? These apps will help you wade through the mess!

GTA: San Andreas is Coming This December

GTA: San Andreas is Coming This December

Guess what’s coming to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone this December? ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.’ The game will officially roll out to these three consoles this coming December. Rockstar Games is expected to unveil additional details about the specific release date and game within the next few weeks.

GTA: San Andreas Details

Chrome’s New Voice Extension

Chrome’s New Voice Extension

Do you spend a lot of time searching for things through Google? There’s a new Chrome extension that might interest you if you fit into the ‘constantly Googling’ category. The extension was unveiled this morning, and it’s called ‘Voice Search Hotword.’

google chrome voice

The Best Way to Buy a New Smarpthone

IOS Shot

‘Tis the season to buy a new smartphone! Whether you’re searching for a phone for yourself or for a loved one, there are so many options to choose from – and that’s a great thing. But, it’s also a confusing thing if you head to an electronics store and are blindsided by oh-so-many choices!

Need A Gift Idea? Check Out the Roomba 880 iRobot!

Need A Gift Idea? Check Out the Roomba 880 iRobot!

roomba 880 irobot

Trying to figure out what to buy all of the people on your holiday list is far from easy. It’s especially tough to make everyone happy if you love tech, but people on your list couldn’t care less. The perfect gift for those people might be an iRobot.