Instagram Is Now Available on Windows Phone!

Instagram Is Now Available on Windows Phone!

If you’re a BlackBerry owner, this is not the news that you wanted to hear. Why? Instagram still isn’t available via BlackBerry. However, the popular photo site is now available throughWindows Phone.

instagram on windows phone

R-Tools Technology Inc. software updates!

R-Tools Technology Software updates are coming:
We released a new build of R-Drive Image with some small bugfixes.

We  released  a  new  version of R-Wipe&Clean, a disk and file wiping,
computer cleaning, and privacy protection program: Support for Windows
8.1,  new  items  and  application  traces  to  clean,  and  a lot of improvements.


The Samsung Galaxy Gear Ships to 800,000 Retailers

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Ships to 800,000 Retailers

Imagine this: you’ve just created a new device. You let the world’s tech critics test out that device. They hated it. Everyone thinks your nuts. What do you do? If you are in charge over at Samsung’s main office, you start manufacturing and shipping those devices, of course!

samsung galaxy gear watch

Harper’s New App

Legions of people clinging to books and magazines in print form still exist, but it is clear the world is moving towards digital.

To keep up, authors are ensuring digital copies of their book are made, while magazines rush to create an app for tablets and phones and a web presence.

harpers bazaar mag

HealthSherpa: The Healthcare Site the Government Should Have Built

HealthSherpa: The Healthcare Site the Government Should Have Built

Have you heard of HealthSherpa? HealthSherpa is a website that was built by a team of 20-year-olds, and it’s meant to be an alternative to the U.S. Government’s messed up healthcare site, HealthSherpa not only works, but it’s also becoming very popular with Americans.

the health sherpa logo

iPad Air and iPad Retina Mini Buying Guide

iPad Air and iPad Retina Mini Buying Guide

If you wandered into any bookstore or electronics store lately, you’ve probably seen a shiny lineup of new iPads. You may even be inclined to purchase one. But, trying to figure out which iPad is right for you can be confusing – and sales people rarely help!

ipad air pic