The NeatConnect Scanner Is Novel

The NeatConnect Scanner Is Novel

We no longer live in a world where paper documents are required regularly. But, there are always a few instances when someone, somewhere, wants a paper copy of something that you have. In those cases, many of us scramble to find things like scanners, so that we can scan the paper document and send it via email or Dropbox to another person.

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FAA Approves Drone Testing Sites

FAA Approves Drone Testing Sites

Did you hear a rumour a while back that Amazon would start shipping packages via drone?

Well, there’s more news on that front today. About an hour ago, Reuters posted an article stating that the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States has approved six specific drone testing zones.

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Best Android Apps for Your New Device

Did you get a new Android device this Christmas? Wondering what apps you need to have now? Android apps have come a long way since the first Android phone was created, and now you’ll find a bunch of great apps are available – apps that you can’t live without. 

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Got Netflix? Read This!

Got Netflix? Read This!

Got Netflix? On January 1st, the company will get rid of some content for good. The list is large and vast, but some shows you may want to save from the Netflix library include Mr. Bean, Kids in the Hall, the 2000 episodes of Saturday Night Live, and various others.

netflix removing shows and movies

PlayStation Plus Users Get These Awesome New Titles for Free

PlayStation Plus Users Get These Awesome New Titles for Free

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll love what Sony has in store for you. To ring in the new year, Sony is offering Plus subscribers threefree games including Devil May Cry, Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons, and Bioshock Infinite. These titles are expected to be some of the best that 2014 brings, and now they are free to Plus subscribers. 

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EA Games Is Facing a Battlefield – Lawyer Style

EA Games Is Facing a Battlefield – Lawyer Style

EA Games is being sued by law firm Robbins, Geller, Rudman and Dowd today. The firm claims that EA violated the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. How? Back in October, EA told the world that Battlefield 4 was going to be a huge hit, and that caused EA stocks to rise steeply. What’s wrong with that?

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