Obama Can’t Use One: Is Your iPhone Safe?

Obama Can’t Use One: Is Your iPhone Safe?

The President of the United States has told press that he can’t use an iPhone. Why? The President told a bunch of eager kids that he can’t use an iPhone for “security reasons,” and that’s why he still rocks a BlackBerry.

is the iphone safe

R-Studio update

R-Studio update

R-TT, Inc released a new version of R-Studio with a very innovative feature: reverse RAIDs. Using this technique, it becomes possible to decompose a single disk object (including an image) into a virtual RAID which reverse parents can be processed like real objects. They can be viewed, edited, imaged, copied to physical drives, etc. This technique also can re-construct data on the real parents of a virtual RAID, on a missing disk, for example.
More at: http://forum.r-tt.com/r-studio-7-1-154533-t8559.html