Curves ahead: AT&T to offer the bendy LG G Flex (update: Sprint and T-Mobile too)


If you always wanted a curvy smartphone, you’ll soon have the chance: AT&T(s t) announced on Monday at its CES developer event that it would start selling the LG G Flex later in the first quarter. The unique handset curves from top to bottom and, as the name implies, can flex itself flat without breaking. Shortly after AT&T’s announcement, LG revealed that Sprint(s s) and T-Mobile(s tmus) will be offering the device as well.

AT&T G-Flex

My colleague Alex Colon took an international version of the G Flex for a spin last month and found that the phone’s properties work as advertised. It not only bends and returns to form but also has a “self healing” rear surface that causes minor scratches or scuffs to melt away.

Unique features aside, this is a big handset with 6-inch display. Under the screen is a fast 2.26 GHz quad core Snapdragon(s qcom) 800 processor…

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