Old Spice Is Back With Another Set Of Viral Things — This Time, It’s Prank Websites


I generally try to avoid writing about ads. But you know what? These are going to be absolutely plastered all over Facebook by tomorrow morning (if they’re not already), so hey: might as well make sure you lot see them relatively early. Plus, they’re pretty damn good.

After a short break, Old Spice — otherwise known as “that company that makes really, really good ads and, I don’t know, deodorant or something” — is back with another web campaign that proves their ad team is one of very few that can repeatedly and intentionally make things that go viral. This time around, it’s prank websites.

Take, for example, this website for a “Push Up Muscle Shirt”. Click the link, then just let the page sit there for a few seconds (or, alternatively, click one of the links to speed up the process). Heads up: have your speakers at a…

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