Is Your Android Phone Mining Cryptocoins?

Is Your Android Phone Mining Cryptocoins?

Is your phone mining for cryptocoins without your knowledge? A security firm, Trend Micro, has found that numerous Android apps are infected with a hacking program that mines for cryptocoins after download.

infected android apps

Whisper and Secret Apps: Who Needs a Therapist?

Whisper and Secret Apps: Who Needs a Therapist?

Secret and Whisper are two apps designed for telling anonymous secrets, and the popularity of these apps has grown overnight. If you haven’t checked out these apps yet, let me tell you why you should.

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How Dropbox Knows When You’re Sharing Copyrighted Stuff (Without Actually Looking At Your Stuff)


Late last night, a tweet was spread far and wide showing that a DMCA notice had blocked a file from being shared on a Dropbox user’s account.

As of this afternoon, it’s seen just shy of 3 thousand retweets.

What was going on? Was Dropbox suddenly doing something sketchy? Were they suddenly lurking around their users folders, digging for copyrighted material hiding amongst personal files?

Nope. The system is neither new, nor sketchy. It’s been in place for years, and it’s about as unsketchy as an anti-copyright infringement system can get. It allows Dropbox to block pre-selected files from being shared from person-to-person (thus keeping Dropbox from getting raided by the Feds), without their anti-infringement system having any idea what most of your files actually are.

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We released a new version of R-Wipe&Clean

We released a new version of R-Wipe&Clean

We released a new version of R-Wipe&Clean, a data wiping, computer
cleaning, and privacy protection utility. Cleaning for more items and
application traces are added, and several already existing items are
improved. See more at:

Your Emails: Can They Really Be Read?

Your Emails: Can They Really Be Read?

email privacy issues

Microsoft came under a lot of fire from Hotmail users when the company admitted to reading user emails. The company read through the emails of a particular journalist without notifying that user.
So what’s the deal here?

The New Beats Wireless: Really, Really, Expensive Headphones!

The New Beats Wireless: Really, Really, Expensive Headphones!

beats studio wireless headphones

If you wander into any airport, you’ll see more than a few sets of Beats headphones. It’s kind of hard to miss the massive headsets and bright colors. With so many people buying up these expensive headsets, you have to wonder if there’s anything to the sound that comes out of the Beats headphones.
Here’s the review.