Time for iOS device spring cleaning: How to replace your old apps with new ones


If there was ever a good time to spring clean your iOS devices, this weekend would be it.

First of all, the week started out with world backup day on Monday. Just last week Apple reported that 85 percent of devices are now running iOS 7 but by my count 49 percent of apps in the app store have not been updated yetWithin just 72 hours of its release, 18 percent of devices jumped on to the 7.1 update. Perhaps they were looking for a little crash relief. That, and it is spring after all.

If you did update to the latest iOS version, and are still experiencing some difficulties that none of your attempts to reset your device have remedied? Then perhaps it is time for a fresh start.

Getting stuff off your device

Getting stuff off your device

Photos and videos – Before you start erasing and resetting…

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