Mobile App Go Dish Brings Dynamic Pricing To The Restaurant World


You’ve probably noticed that your favorite restaurant probably has busy periods, which are usually dictated by when people typically get hungry — and no surprise, that tends to be around lunch and dinner.

But then there are other times when things aren’t so busy. The thing is, restaurants have fixed costs that don’t really waver during ups and downs, like rent and employee salaries.

To deal with that, a new app called Go Dish seeks to get more eaters into restaurants during off-peak hours by offering discounts on meals picked up before or after a typical restaurant’s lunch rush.

Go Dish works like this: Once a user has signed up, every day at around 9:30, she’ll get a notification alerting her to discounts on meals being offered by nearby restaurants. Those discounts typically range from 20 percent to 35 percent, but can go as high as 50 percent for select…

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