New builds of R-Studio for Mac and Linux released

New builds of R-Studio for Mac and Linux released

We  released new builds of R-Studio for Mac and Linux, keeping up with
R-Studio  for  Windows:  NTFS  and  HFS+  hardlink  recovery  and many
bugfixes. Here are the links:

Zdjęcie: We  released  a  new  build of R-Studio, a world-leading data recovery program: NTFS and HFS+ hardlink recovery and many bugfixes.
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Spotify Android Users: What to Do

Spotify Android Users: What to Do

spotify hack attack

This past Tuesday, Spotify announced that its systems had been hacked. As a result, one Android user’s information was compromised. Not taking any chances, the company has asked Android users to upgrade to avoid future attacks.

Inky Launches A Smarter Email Client For iOS That Sorts And Filters Your Email For You


Thanks to a resurged interest in mobile email applications following the sale of popular “email triage” utility Mailbox to Dropbox last year, a number of new email applications have been making their way to mobile devices. The latest is Inky, the mobile counterpart to a sleek, Mac desktop-based email client launched in 2012. Like the earlier version of Inky’s software, the company’s goal isn’t just to build a nice-looking alternative to the default Mail app, but to deliver a series of features that make your email inbox smarter, more efficient and more organized.

As Inky’s co-founder Dave Baggett previously admitted, fixing email is “a really challenging problem for a startup” because there’s so much basic stuff to get right before you can layer on new innovations. But Inky’s desktop software has been working to do just that with “smart views” that are somewhat similar in functionality to Gmail’s “Tabs.”…

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WhatsApp Acquisition Under Scrutiny

WhatsApp Acquisition Under Scrutiny

You may have heard of Facebook’s plans to acquire WhatsApp for a staggering $19 billion back in February. That’s a lot of cash – so much so, the Wall Street Journal said the social media king is protecting itself in advance from antitrust backlash by turning all information regarding the deal over to the European Commission, the EU’s antitrust experts for scrutiny.

 facebook whatsapp eu

Facebook will curb automatic posts from apps in the News Feed


Facebook (s fb) is in a never-ending quest to derive more value from its News Feed product, and just as it has tweaked its algorithms to refine news posts and communications from brands, it is now exploring how to make personal sharing from third-party apps more valuable to users. In a blog post Wednesday, releas, the company announced that it will be curbing the visibility of “implicitly” shared posts — automatic posts from apps like RunKeeper or Spotify — in favor of “explicitly” shared posts. Users were increasingly marking automatic posts as spam, according to Facebook.

“Over the past year, the number of implicitly shared stories in News Feed has naturally declined,” Facebook’s Peter Yang wrote in a related blog post for developers. “This decline is correlated with how often people mark app posts as spam, which dropped by 75 percent over the same period.”


While Facebook…

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