Alibaba files to raise billions in its initial public offering


Alibaba, one of the top three web companies in China, has filed to raise at least $1 billion via an initial public offering. When it finally hits the public markets analysts expect it to be valued at around $200 billion, making it larger than internet darlings like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Wall Street is eager for the IPO, with many seeing it as a chance to buy into the growing Chinese market. The New York Times expects the company expects the company to sell between $15 billion and $20 billion in shares. Alibaba operates several websites, including a Chinese e-commerce site, a site where U.S. buyers can buy from China and a cloud computing arm called Apsara that made $105 million in the last twelve months, about 2 percent of its sales.

Last year, Alibaba had net income of $1.33 billion on revenue of $5.55 billion, for its fiscal year…

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This Tech Can Cure Depression

This Tech Can Cure Depression

Approximately one in four people will suffer from depression this year. In the U.S. alone, around 20 million adults suffer from depression. Those numbers are even more staggering when you add in the people impacted by depression in other countries around the globe. Is there anything we can do?
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