Fon’s Gramofon music router ends successful Kickstarter campaign with $315,000


Crowdsourced Wi-Fi network operator Fon successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming Gramofon social music router Thursday. Fon raised a total of $315,295 through the campaign, and was able to secure pre-orders of more than 4,500 Gramofon devices at varying price levels. Fon originally set out to raise at least $250,000 through Kickstarter and surpassed that goal this past weekend.

Gramofon is Fon’s take on connected audio devices: The device consists of a Wi-Fi router with an audio out port to connect to stereo systems or standalone speakers and a simple play-pause button. Playback of music is initiated with a mobile device, similar to the way users control a Sonos speaker or cast media content to a Chromecast streaming stick.

Unique about Gramofon is its social angle: Users can allow their Facebook (S FB) friends to join the Gramofon Wi-Fi network and take charge of the music program without…

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