The dark iCloud of backups: Why Apple is still having trouble on the web


Shortly after I installed iOS 7.1.1 I experienced horrible battery life with my iPad 3. My iPad would run hot and my battery life plummeted. The final straw was when I used my iPad to take notes during a 2-hour meeting. My battery dropped from 80 percent to 20 percent during that period. Clearly something was wrong.

During the iOS 7 beta period, if I had battery performance issues, erasing all data and settings usually fixed the problem. So, when I got home I nuked the iPad from orbit and started over. Unfortunately, restoring my data underscored a lot of the problems I have with iCloud.

iCloud backups

I always back up my iPad to the cloud. Usually, when I get a new iPad I’ll restore the last backup. What I am finding is that I’m not a good use case for the backups.

I keep my 64gb iPad fairly full. When I…

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