Behind The Scenes Of The Daily Show’s Devastating Google Glass Segment


The Daily Show’s Jason Jones had a segment on the show last night that highlighted so-called “discrimination” against Google Glass wearers. And I was the butt of a lot of its jokes. The show invited me on after I was assaulted while wearing Google Glass in the Mission District of San Francisco.

I won’t spoil the segment, so be sure to watch it before scrolling further:

Rather than respond to the show’s criticisms of Glass (because, let’s face it, they have a point), I thought it would be fun to shed light on what it’s actually like to film a segment on The Daily Show.

First off, we all knew exactly what we were getting into. I was contacted by a producer of the show who identified himself as such. There were no attempts made to trick any of us with claims that they were a news team from out of…

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