Is Your Android Phone Mining Cryptocoins?

Is Your Android Phone Mining Cryptocoins?

Is your phone mining for cryptocoins without your knowledge? A security firm, Trend Micro, has found that numerous Android apps are infected with a hacking program that mines for cryptocoins after download.

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Whisper and Secret Apps: Who Needs a Therapist?

Whisper and Secret Apps: Who Needs a Therapist?

Secret and Whisper are two apps designed for telling anonymous secrets, and the popularity of these apps has grown overnight. If you haven’t checked out these apps yet, let me tell you why you should.

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Apple Wants to Change the Way Emojis Look

Apple Wants to Change the Way Emojis Look

Can a line be drawn when it comes to diversity? That’s right. , Apple has confirmed today that the company is working on a more diverse bunch of emojis. Those yellow-faced (or white-faced) characters that you can place in texts and in emails are about to get a lot more ethnically diverse.

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Jawbone’s New App Says You Consume Too Much Caffeine

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Jawbone’s New App Says You Consume Too Much Caffeine

If you’re reading this while sipping a coffee (any kind), you have a problem. Don’t worry, though, most people have the same problem. And, even better, there’s an app for that.


Do you remember the Tamagotchi? Well, it’s back. Only, this time it’s called ‘Tamagotchi Friends.’ The company that brought you the original Tamagotchi back in the 90’s has just launched Tamagotchi Friends at the NY Toy Fair.

Why Facebook Must Have WhatsApp

Why Facebook Must Have WhatsApp

I’ve been using WhatsApp for a long time now. It’s a simple solution to a texting problem, and it lets users across all smartphone platforms communicate for free via WiFi for one year. After that, the price is $.99 per year.