Things Siri Can Already Do

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The Phablet: A Growing Trend

The Phablet: A Growing Trend

Some mashups are just strange. Or, maybe they just sound strange. Either way, the phablet is the newest thing to drive device sales sky high. 

the phablet trend

In case you aren’t on-trend, the phablet is a phone that’s larger than your average smartphone but also smaller than a tablet. 

Apple Returns and Refunds are Now Faster

Apple Returns and Refunds are Now Faster

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Apple wants you to buy devices directly from the Apple website. Right now, that’s not happening due to third-party vendors selling Apple products across the board. They’ve decided to speed up the return and refund process. How will they do it? 

How to Connect Your iPad to a USB Flash Drive

How to Connect Your iPad to a USB Flash Drive

I love the iPad, I really do. The interface is far more intuitive than any other tablet that I’ve tested out, and it’s even easier to use if you are already familiar with Apple products like the iPhone. But, Apple didn’t include a USB port with any iPad. 


What Does CarPlay Do?

What Does CarPlay Do?

Apple’s CarPlay has been the subject of many car-related conversations lately. The world finally got a glimpse of what the console will look like and how it will act this past Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show. Let’s take a look:

apple carplay

Apple Wants to Change the Way Emojis Look

Apple Wants to Change the Way Emojis Look

Can a line be drawn when it comes to diversity? That’s right. , Apple has confirmed today that the company is working on a more diverse bunch of emojis. Those yellow-faced (or white-faced) characters that you can place in texts and in emails are about to get a lot more ethnically diverse.

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Apple And Comcast Discussing Possible Streaming Television Service.

Apple And Comcast Discussing Possible Streaming Television Service.

If the rumor created by the Wall Street Journal is accurate, Apple and Comcast are working together to create a VIP streaming television service.

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