The New Facebook Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know

The New Facebook Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know

Facebook is about to change the company’s privacy settings, again. This time around, new users won’t be subjected to sharing all updates with the world. 

facebook privacy settings


Will Facebook finally defeat Snapchat?

Will Facebook finally defeat Snapchat?

Facebook’s newest app will be called Slingshot (internally, at least), and it was developed to rival Snapchat. Apparently, a video messaging app is what Facebook needs the most now.

slingshot app

Facebook Purchases Move App

Facebook Purchases Move App

The latest tech trend is fitness and fitness devices. So, it’s no wonder, really, that Facebook is trying to get in on this trend. The company has just purchased the “Moves” activity tracking app, in the hopes that you’ll keep using the app, or start using it if you don’t already. 

moves app

Line: The Best WhatsApp Alternative

Line: The Best WhatsApp Alternative

If you’re not too happy about Facebook’s recent purchase of WhatsApp, there is one really good alternative. Line is a messenger app that’s a lot like WhatsApp, only Facebook doesn’t own this one (so you don’t have to worry about the world’s evilest social network snagging your details).


Why Facebook Must Have WhatsApp

Why Facebook Must Have WhatsApp

I’ve been using WhatsApp for a long time now. It’s a simple solution to a texting problem, and it lets users across all smartphone platforms communicate for free via WiFi for one year. After that, the price is $.99 per year.

New Gender Options Via Facebook

New Gender Options Via Facebook

Google might be more progressive than Facebook. At least where gender identification is concerned. You see, Google Plus let users choose male, female, or “other” since the beginning. Facebook is just catching up – but this social network is taking gender identification options to a whole new level.

facebook gender options

What’s your opinion on the issue of facebook’s gender options?

Facebook Accidentally Creates a Better Facebook App

Facebook Accidentally Creates a Better Facebook App

Facebook did something laughable today. The company created a new app called ‘Paper.’ Why is that funny? Because Paper is, essentially, a better Facebook app than the native Facebook app.

facebook paper app

Bitstrips: Where Did It Come From?

Bitstrips: Where Did It Come From?

If you spend any time at all on Facebook, you’ve seen lots of personalized cartoons floating around. You know, those colorful cartoons with characters of people you know? Those cartoons are called Bitstrips, and they seem the the newest and best thing in the universe. But, as it turns out, they aren’t so new after all.


Candy Crush Fans: Meet Odus the Owl

Candy Crush Fans: Meet Odus the Owl

The game that you spend most of your time playing has just received a nice little update. I’m talking about Candy Crush Saga, of course! Now, the game that many people spend hours playing (and annoyingly asking Facebook friends to play) will certainly use up more of your free time.

new candy crush character

Facebook Lifts Age Restriction Ban

Facebook started to lose the cool crowd when the social media site created a photo age restriction. Today, that restriction has been lifted – get ready for a whole lot of teen pictures! Here are the details.

facebook lifts age ban