The Phablet: A Growing Trend

The Phablet: A Growing Trend

Some mashups are just strange. Or, maybe they just sound strange. Either way, the phablet is the newest thing to drive device sales sky high. 

the phablet trend

In case you aren’t on-trend, the phablet is a phone that’s larger than your average smartphone but also smaller than a tablet. 

Meet the MiPad: The Plastic iPad Mini

Meet the MiPad: The Plastic iPad Mini


Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has just unveiled a new tablet that takes directly and purposeful aim at Apple. The tablet is called the MiPad, and will be available for testing in mid-June. 

This TV Tuns to Face You – Not the Other Way Around

This TV Tuns to Face You – Not the Other Way Around

Certain sports cars have something called a memory setting. This setting allows drivers to program seat positions, so that every time a particular driver gets into a car, the seat will automatically adjust to that programmed position. 

Now, imagine a TV that does the same thing. 

beovision tv

Microsoft Joins the Fitness Tracker Trend

Microsoft Joins the Fitness Tracker Trend

Apple did it and Samsung did it too. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn to jump into the fitness watch ring. The company has just filed a patent for a smartwatch that acts as a fitness tracker.


This Tech Can Cure Depression

This Tech Can Cure Depression

Approximately one in four people will suffer from depression this year. In the U.S. alone, around 20 million adults suffer from depression. Those numbers are even more staggering when you add in the people impacted by depression in other countries around the globe. Is there anything we can do?
brainsway helmet

This Fitness Band Is For Kids

This Fitness Band Is For Kids

lapband for kids

The growing childhood obesity problem in North America is no secret. Yet, kids would rather spend time playing video games and watching TV than playing outdoors. So, what better way to get kids off the couch than to combine a video game (in the form of a watch) with outside activity than to create the world’s first fitness tracker for kids?

Synology DiskStation DS204se

Synology DiskStation DS204se

synology server

The problem: you need an affordable NAS server. The solution: the Synology Disk Station DS204se. It’s a great solution for someone on a budget who doesn’t want to compromise speed.Take a look at our review.

Facebook Purchases Move App

Facebook Purchases Move App

The latest tech trend is fitness and fitness devices. So, it’s no wonder, really, that Facebook is trying to get in on this trend. The company has just purchased the “Moves” activity tracking app, in the hopes that you’ll keep using the app, or start using it if you don’t already. 

moves app

Google Introduces a Time Machine (Kind Of)

Google Introduces a Time Machine (Kind Of)

Google has introduced a new Maps feature today. This feature lets users travel back in time the Google way. By clicking on the small clock icon when looking up a Google Maps address, users can see what an area of the world looked like many years ago.

google maps time machine