The Schwinn CycleNav For Cyclists Just Works

The Schwinn CycleNav For Cyclists Just Works

A while back at the CES conference, a company called Schwinn showcased a GPS unit for bicycles. The Schwinn CycleNav GPS is something that’s refreshingly new, simple, and really just works.

schwinn cyclenav

Razer’s New 14-inch Blade Is Tops

Razer’s New 14-inch Blade Is Tops

new razer blade 14 inch

The biggest complaint users of the previous Razer Blade had was that the screen just wasn’t bright enough. The Blade that was released two years ago offered gamers a low-resolution screen not suited for excellent gameplay. That’s all changed.

Jawbone’s New App Says You Consume Too Much Caffeine

jawbone up coffee app logo

Jawbone’s New App Says You Consume Too Much Caffeine

If you’re reading this while sipping a coffee (any kind), you have a problem. Don’t worry, though, most people have the same problem. And, even better, there’s an app for that.

The WD My Cloud EX2 Server is Affordable and Helpful

The WD My Cloud EX2 Server is Affordable and Helpful

NAS My Cloud EX2 Server

Looking for an affordable NAS server that is fast and offers a personal cloud for those occasions when you are traveling? Check out the WD My Cloud EX2. It is WD’s latest My Cloud server, and operates just as its predecessors did, except it does them better.

New Educational Games for Kids

New Educational Games for Kids

IF Games for Kids

Can emotional and social skills be taught through video games? The founder of EA Games, Trip Hawkins, thinks so. Hawkins has raised more than 6 million dollars in funding for an educational game startup called the ‘If You Can Company.’

Meet Microsoft’s New Cloud Storage Service (Kind Of!)

Microsoft rebranded its cloud storage service today. Now, the old ‘SkyDrive‘ service is called ‘OneDrive.’ To commemorate the change (brought about by a lawsuit), Microsoft is giving away free storage to 100,000 users that enter Microsoft’s giveaway contest this afternoon (check out the company’s main site or social sites).

microsoft OneDrive

Qualcomm’s New Spapdragon 805 Processor In Action

Qualcomm’s New Spapdragon 805 Processor In Action

qualcomm snapdragon processor

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor isn’t new news. The company actually announced the processor back in November. But, it’s not until now that news of what the process can do has surfaced.

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

The Jawbone Era is a Bluetooth headset. But, it’s not the Bluetooth headset you’re thinking about. This one lets you talk to Siri, make phone callslisten to music, and do anything you would normally do while starting at your phone screen – only, you don’t have to stare at your screen in order to use the Era.

the jawbone era