The EU to Google: People Have the Right to Removal

The EU to Google: People Have the Right to Removal

Europe doesn’t operate like North America. In the case of Internet privacy, that’s a really good thing. As a result of a ruling from a EU court, Google has set up a webpage that lets EU residents request the removal of certain links containing personal information. So, how can we do it?

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Using e-bay? Change your password!

Using e-bay? Change your password!

If you buy, sell, or a combination of both on the popular auction site eBay, you’ll want to head over and change your password. At least that’s what the company is urging users to do after they fell victim to what The Guardian is calling the “biggest-ever cyber attack.”

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Your Emails: Can They Really Be Read?

Your Emails: Can They Really Be Read?

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Microsoft came under a lot of fire from Hotmail users when the company admitted to reading user emails. The company read through the emails of a particular journalist without notifying that user.
So what’s the deal here?

Website Extortion: It Happens More Than You Think.

Website Extortion: It Happens More Than You Think.

meetup site held for ransom

What would you do if you got a note from some hackers threatening to take down your site unless you paid a $300 ransom?

That’s exactly what happened to the Meetup site this past weekend.

The E.U. Internet: It’s In the Works

The E.U. Internet: It’s In the Works

Germany and France are currently collaborating to turn all Internet traffic generated by the two countries away from the U.S. Sparked by the recent NSA controversy, the two countries want to keep all emails and Internet searches away from U.S. Government eyes.

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Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

There’s a lot of news from the world of games today. In the spotlight are Nintendo and Rovio. These two companies don’t have much in common – or do they? Here’s what you need to know about both companies right now.

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How to Pick a Password – and How Not To

How to Pick a Password – and How Not To

Strange password protection news comes from the UK today. The UK’s ‘Cyber Security Chief’, Tony Neate, has told his public that a password like ‘abc123’ is perfectly fine. How can this be? Shouldn’t a message coming from the Cyber Security Chief be, you know, a little stricter (and possibly more accurate)?

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