More NSA News Unveiled

More NSA News Unveiled

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News about the NSA from the New York Times this morning is a bit shocking – but not for the reasons you may think. The NY Times states (based on documents leaked by – you guessed it – Edward Snowden) that the NSA has placed covert software in computers across the world.

FAA Approves Drone Testing Sites

FAA Approves Drone Testing Sites

Did you hear a rumour a while back that Amazon would start shipping packages via drone?

Well, there’s more news on that front today. About an hour ago, Reuters posted an article stating that the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States has approved six specific drone testing zones.

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Obama Can’t Use One: Is Your iPhone Safe?

Obama Can’t Use One: Is Your iPhone Safe?

The President of the United States has told press that he can’t use an iPhone. Why? The President told a bunch of eager kids that he can’t use an iPhone for “security reasons,” and that’s why he still rocks a BlackBerry.

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Disk Recovery: Don’t Give Up Until You Give R-Tools Technology a Try

Disk Recovery: Don’t Give Up Until You Give R-Tools Technology a Try

Here’s a review of our software, posted by Aaron Belchamber on his blog.

If you are looking for data recovery software, you may want to consider R-Tools Technology.

Facebook Lifts Age Restriction Ban

Facebook started to lose the cool crowd when the social media site created a photo age restriction. Today, that restriction has been lifted – get ready for a whole lot of teen pictures! Here are the details.

facebook lifts age ban

It’s National Cyber Security Month!

It’s National Cyber Security Month!

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This means that October is the main month in the security industry. What this means for you is that you should be paying attention to new cyber security initiatives occurring this month, and maybe even attend a lecture or two about safety in the cyber world.

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Sony’s Newest Smartphone Camera Lenses

Sony’s Newest Smartphone Camera Lenses

Have you ever snapped a photo with your smartphone and thought: if only I had a better camera! You’ve probably been there, and you aren’t alone. Since most of us use our smartphones to take pictures these days, it’s really no shock that companies like Sony are trying to create camera attachments for smartphones that make smartphone cameras better.


John McAfee’s Solution to the NSA: A Curious Idea

John McAfee’s Solution to the NSA: A Curious Idea

It’s entirely possible that you’ve been using McAfee antivirus programs for a long time now. If you’ve purchased a PC any time in the past twenty years, you probably have McAfee by default.

But, how much do you know about the man behind the antivirus? John McAfee has an interesting past dotted with legal issues and questionable practices.

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