Use These Text Encryption Apps

Use These Text Encryption Apps

Can you do anything about the countless apps that record and track your personal data? Did the world make a mistake when we started using smartphones and apps in return for giving up every inch of ourselves to companies?


Jawbone’s New App Says You Consume Too Much Caffeine

jawbone up coffee app logo

Jawbone’s New App Says You Consume Too Much Caffeine

If you’re reading this while sipping a coffee (any kind), you have a problem. Don’t worry, though, most people have the same problem. And, even better, there’s an app for that.


Do you remember the Tamagotchi? Well, it’s back. Only, this time it’s called ‘Tamagotchi Friends.’ The company that brought you the original Tamagotchi back in the 90’s has just launched Tamagotchi Friends at the NY Toy Fair.

Facebook Accidentally Creates a Better Facebook App

Facebook Accidentally Creates a Better Facebook App

Facebook did something laughable today. The company created a new app called ‘Paper.’ Why is that funny? Because Paper is, essentially, a better Facebook app than the native Facebook app.

facebook paper app

Is Facebook Creating a Bunch of New Apps?

Is Facebook Creating a Bunch of New Apps?

According to The Verge, Facebook is hard at work on a multitude of mobile apps.

Sure, the Facebook app is popular, as well as Messenger, the company’s standalone messaging app, and Instagram, which Facebook acquired as its very own standalone photo app, but the company knows it has the vision and talent to create other apps giving people the power to share more quickly and efficiently.

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