Why Facebook Must Have WhatsApp

Why Facebook Must Have WhatsApp

I’ve been using WhatsApp for a long time now. It’s a simple solution to a texting problem, and it lets users across all smartphone platforms communicate for free via WiFi for one year. After that, the price is $.99 per year.

The Bing Fitness App: Not Bad At All

The Bing Fitness App: Not Bad At All

It’s the time of year when everyone you know is signing up for a new gym membership. So, of course, big companies like Microsoft want to jump on the fitness bandwagon before the ‘fit for Feb.’ crowd disappears. Microsoft has just developed a new fitness app that promises to be nothing like the rest.
So, is it really differrent? Please, take a look.

bing fitness app picture

Is Facebook Creating a Bunch of New Apps?

Is Facebook Creating a Bunch of New Apps?

According to The Verge, Facebook is hard at work on a multitude of mobile apps.

Sure, the Facebook app is popular, as well as Messenger, the company’s standalone messaging app, and Instagram, which Facebook acquired as its very own standalone photo app, but the company knows it has the vision and talent to create other apps giving people the power to share more quickly and efficiently.

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Quit Your Job Using the ‘Quit Your Job’ App!

Quit Your Job Using the ‘Quit Your Job’ App!

I really don’t recommend breaking up with someone or quitting your job via text message. But, if you must, you can at least make sure that it’s done with some tact. A new app for iOS called ‘Quit Your Job’ does just that – lets you quit your job via text.

quit your job app

Best Android Apps for Your New Device


Did you get a new Android device this Christmas? Wondering what apps you need to have now? Android apps have come a long way since the first Android phone was created, and now you’ll find a bunch of great apps are available – apps that you can’t live without. 

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The SmartCARD App Could Save Your Life

The SmartCARD App Could Save Your Life

Sometimes an app comes across the news wires that’s too strange or weird or wonderful to pass up. Those apps just beg to be written about. Today, that app comes from a team of Cornell University researchers that have devised a way to check your cholesterol using your smartphone.

smartcard app saves lives

4 Holiday Shopping Apps to Help You Save Money

4 Holiday Shopping Apps to Help You Save Money

Is it ever too early to start saving on holiday purchases? If you have to buy gifts for everyone on the planet, you may as well save some money in the process, right? This is where your good friend technology comes to the rescue.

retailmenot review

Revamped Yahoo App for iOS

Revamped Yahoo App for iOS

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iOS 7, released on September 18: you either love it or you despise it. But one thing that is clear: developers spent a lot of time optimizing apps for the updated operating system to put the iOS 7 to good use. Yahoo is one of those developers, offering their revamped Yahoo News app on the very same day as the release of iOS 7.

BitGym: This Exercise App Is Different. Really.

BitGym: This Exercise App Is Different. Really.

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By now, you are probably tired of hearing about exercise apps. After all, what could a new exercise app do that the last fifty haven’t tried to accomplish? It’s easy to take that stance, and I fully understand if you do. But, there are still app developers out there that aim to innovate.