Google To Offer Prepaid Debit Card

In a step backwards in its mission to convince the masses to ditch their credit and debit cards and pay for goods and services exclusively with a smartphone, Google has started offering prepaid debit cards linked to Google Wallet accounts.

google debit cards

BlackBerry Is Not Going to Sell – New CEO Hired

BlackBerry Is Not Going to Sell – New CEO Hired

There’s big news on the BlackBerry front today. The company is no longer for sale. Instead, BlackBerry is trying out a new CEO. Is there hope for the Waterloo company yet? Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening in the world of BlackBerry.



Facebook and Pinterest Are Most Important

Facebook and Pinterest Are Most Important


New companies trying to figure out where to spend ad dollars are often left guessing. It’s clear that social networks attract a lot of people, so placing ads on those networks is probably a good idea. But what network is the most lucrative? Is Twitter or Facebook a better place to spend precious ad dollars?