Skulpt Measures Your Muscles

Skulpt Measures Your Muscles

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Here’s a common dilemma: you workout, you eat well, and you are really working towards that amazing summer body. But, there’s a problem. Your scale isn’t noticing all of your effort. Instead of going down, those numbers might be going up or staying the same, and that’s purely frustrating. So, what can you do?

Try Skulpt.

The Bing Fitness App: Not Bad At All

The Bing Fitness App: Not Bad At All

It’s the time of year when everyone you know is signing up for a new gym membership. So, of course, big companies like Microsoft want to jump on the fitness bandwagon before the ‘fit for Feb.’ crowd disappears. Microsoft has just developed a new fitness app that promises to be nothing like the rest.
So, is it really differrent? Please, take a look.

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Goji Play: a New Way to Workout

Goji Play: a New Way to Workout

Tired of the same old boring gym workouts? Say hello to Goji Play from startup Goji Blue, creators of Guitar Hero. For $99, you can make the gym feel like a video game with their neat little device that senses your movements in real time. Wait, what? Trying to imagine how this works?

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PUSH: The Latest FItness Device

PUSH: The Latest FItness Device

Anyone who has been to the gym to lift weights to increase muscle mass and get stronger has been there: you’re laying on the bench with the barbell in your hands, arms shaking, wondering if you even have one more rep in you. It could go either way: you got it, or you don’t. 

push fitness band

Xbox Fitness: A Really, Really, Good Way to Get In Shape!

Xbox Fitness: A Really, Really, Good Way to Get In Shape!

Xbox One users can now connect to something Microsoft has called Xbox Fitness. Using Kinect, this fitness program is not like anything you’ve ever seen on the Wii or any other console – it actually makes sense, and it will get you in shape. Read on!

Xbox Fitness