Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Information about the new Apple TV is starting to surface from reliable sources across the web. If those sources are right – and they often are – this version of Apple TV isn’t going to be anything like the others.

will apple tv replace your cable box?

Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

There’s a lot of news from the world of games today. In the spotlight are Nintendo and Rovio. These two companies don’t have much in common – or do they? Here’s what you need to know about both companies right now.

super mario nintendo news

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

Thought BlackBerry was on its way out? Think again. Although investors might have lost faith, the United States government has brought them back from the brink and given them quite a bit of credibility.

department of defence and blackberry

How to Pick a Password – and How Not To

How to Pick a Password – and How Not To

Strange password protection news comes from the UK today. The UK’s ‘Cyber Security Chief’, Tony Neate, has told his public that a password like ‘abc123’ is perfectly fine. How can this be? Shouldn’t a message coming from the Cyber Security Chief be, you know, a little stricter (and possibly more accurate)?

meldium password manager

Makers of Candy Crush Saga Trademark ‘Candy’

Makers of Candy Crush Saga Trademark ‘Candy’

Are you a Candy Crush Saga addict? You’re not alone. The popular game has been downloaded a startling 500 million times since its initial release in 2012. 500 million! That’s a whole lot of candy crushed!

candy crush saga trademark

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

The Jawbone Era is a Bluetooth headset. But, it’s not the Bluetooth headset you’re thinking about. This one lets you talk to Siri, make phone callslisten to music, and do anything you would normally do while starting at your phone screen – only, you don’t have to stare at your screen in order to use the Era.

the jawbone era

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Been getting emails from Google Plus users lately? Wondering where those emails are coming from? It’s no accident. Google now makes it possible for any Google Plus user to send emails directly to your inbox if you use GMail.

google's google plus image

The Oculus Rift: First Looks

The Oculus Rift: First Looks

You might have seen the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset when it was showcased last year. It still has yet to be released to market, but even so, it is being fine-tuned and improved upon while in development. The Crystal Cove prototype was tested by PC Magazine at CES, and was pleased with the upgrades.

oculus rift

What’s Next: Directional Sound Technology

What’s Next: Directional Sound Technology

‘Directional Sound Technology’ is a term that you will soon hear a lot about. The notion is that this technology sends out sound waves within one singular column of air. What’s the point? To completely eliminate noise pollution.

parametric sound technology

Curved TVs: Should You Buy One?


Throughout the next year or so, you will start to see a lot of curved TVs hit the market. The claim behind these televisions is that a curved shape makes for better overall viewing.

Just how accurate is that claim? And, should you shell out top dollar for a curved TV?

LG Curved TV