Red Stamp: Your Valentine’s Day App

Red Stamp: Your Valentine’s Day App

red stamp app

Not so great at all the mushy Valentine’s Day stuff? There’s an app that will save you from certain disaster if you forgot to buy your loved one a red, white, or pink gift.
What’s your opinion when it comes to using technology on Valentines day?

Kaspersky Says that Android Banking Apps Aren’t Safe

Kaspersky Says that Android Banking Apps Aren’t Safe

News from Kaspersky today may want you to reconsider using your Android phone to do banking activities. The security company issued a warning to consumers that banking apps on Android phones are extremely vulnerable.

kaspersky android banking apps

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

Thought BlackBerry was on its way out? Think again. Although investors might have lost faith, the United States government has brought them back from the brink and given them quite a bit of credibility.

department of defence and blackberry

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

The¬†Jawbone¬†Era is a Bluetooth headset. But, it’s not the Bluetooth headset you’re thinking about. This one lets you talk to Siri, make¬†phone calls,¬†listen to music, and do anything you would normally do while starting at your phone screen – only, you don’t have to stare at your screen in order to use the Era.

the jawbone era

Is Facebook Creating a Bunch of New Apps?

Is Facebook Creating a Bunch of New Apps?

According to The Verge, Facebook is hard at work on a multitude of mobile apps.

Sure, the Facebook app is popular, as well as Messenger, the company’s standalone messaging app, and Instagram, which Facebook acquired as its very own standalone photo app, but the company knows it has the vision and talent to create other apps giving people the power to share more quickly and efficiently.

new facebook apps

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Been getting emails from Google Plus users lately? Wondering where those emails are coming from? It’s no accident. Google now makes it possible for any Google Plus user to send emails directly to your inbox if you use GMail.

google's google plus image

Quit Your Job Using the ‘Quit Your Job’ App!

Quit Your Job Using the ‘Quit Your Job’ App!

I really don’t recommend breaking up with someone or quitting your job via¬†text message. But, if you must, you can at least make sure that it’s done with some tact. A new app for iOS called ‘Quit Your Job’ does just that – lets you quit your job via text.

quit your job app

Confide: The App That Gets Rid of Texts

Confide: The App That Gets Rid of Texts

There’s something suspicious about a phone with no lingering¬†text messages. Then again, there’s plenty of room in the world for suspicious types. Maybe you’re a spy or you just don’t want your company to see what you’re up to. If suspicion (or espionage) is your middle name, I have the ultimate app for you.¬†

confide text app