Amazon Wants to do What?!

Amazon Wants to do What?!

First there were talks of drones. Now, there’s anticipatory shipping.

Amazon wants to be the one place you buy your goods, and it also wants to win at the delivery speed race.

amazon anticipatory shipping


How to Buy a Turntable

How to Buy a Turntable

Just over two years ago, if I had suggested that you pick up a turntable to give as a holiday gift, you probably would have laughed. But, turntables are back in a big way with good reason. The sound that you get from those old vinyls is just better than the sound that comes from anything digital (in most cases).

vintage turntable buying guide

Spotify’s New Free Streaming Option

Spotify’s New Free Streaming Option

There’s news from the music world today. Spotify has decided to provide free listening to all devices. This means that you can listen to thefree version of the streaming service from your Android or iOS tablet.

spotify free streaming tablet option

Is Vinyl Killing the Rdio Star? New Rdio Updates Today.

Is Vinyl Killing the Rdio Star? New Rdio Updates Today.

Being stuck in the cold north, Rdio is one of the best options. Today, Rdio made a few changes to user dashboards that you may want to check out if you use the streaming music service.

new rdio updates

New Streaming Service From Beats

New Streaming Service From Beats

beats streaming service

Whether or not you’re ready for it, a new streaming music option is on the way. This time, it’s from Beats. The company famous for its headphones is now creating a streaming service, but this isn’t exactly new news. Beats reps told press months ago that the company had streaming in its sights. Now, that dream is almost a reality for Beats.

The Split Earbuds: Completely Unique

The Split Earbuds: Completely Unique

Every once in a while, a Kickstarter project catches my attention. This is the case with the Split earbuds. Greenwing Audio has devised earbuds that don’t rely on any cords to function. That’s right, these earbuds get rid of cords completely – and that means getting rid of tangled messes. 

split earbuds

Introducing the Samsung M7 WIreless Speaker

Introducing the Samsung M7 WIreless Speaker

Wireless audio speakers tend to disappoint. Right now, there are a few on the market that have managed to gain a lot of attention, but those few still aren’t top notch. Can Samsung enter this market with a bang?

samsung m7 speaker pic

Rdio Mobile Streaming: Now Free For All

I’ve been waiting for this. Have you been waiting for this? Rdio is now launching a free music streaming app for iOS and Android. Previously, customized Rdio streaming stations were only available for Premium Rdio users. Now, that service is free for everyone.

rdio streaming app for all

Here Are the Newest Sony Walkmans

Here Are the Newest Sony Walkmans

Remember the Sony Walkman? You don’t even have to go back to the late 1970s to set your sights on a Walkman. Sony came out with an updated version of the classic just a few years ago, but that Walkman wasn’t met with too much success. Just a few days ago, Sony released a new Walkman. This time, the Sony Walkman is taking a direct stab at Apple’s iPod.