Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Information about the new Apple TV is starting to surface from reliable sources across the web. If those sources are right – and they often are – this version of Apple TV isn’t going to be anything like the others.

will apple tv replace your cable box?


Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

There’s a lot of news from the world of games today. In the spotlight are Nintendo and Rovio. These two companies don’t have much in common – or do they? Here’s what you need to know about both companies right now.

super mario nintendo news

How to Pick a Password – and How Not To

How to Pick a Password – and How Not To

Strange password protection news comes from the UK today. The UK’s ‘Cyber Security Chief’, Tony Neate, has told his public that a password like ‘abc123’ is perfectly fine. How can this be? Shouldn’t a message coming from the Cyber Security Chief be, you know, a little stricter (and possibly more accurate)?

meldium password manager

Makers of Candy Crush Saga Trademark ‘Candy’

Makers of Candy Crush Saga Trademark ‘Candy’

Are you a Candy Crush Saga addict? You’re not alone. The popular game has been downloaded a startling 500 million times since its initial release in 2012. 500 million! That’s a whole lot of candy crushed!

candy crush saga trademark

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Been getting emails from Google Plus users lately? Wondering where those emails are coming from? It’s no accident. Google now makes it possible for any Google Plus user to send emails directly to your inbox if you use GMail.

google's google plus image

What’s Next: Directional Sound Technology

What’s Next: Directional Sound Technology

‘Directional Sound Technology’ is a term that you will soon hear a lot about. The notion is that this technology sends out sound waves within one singular column of air. What’s the point? To completely eliminate noise pollution.

parametric sound technology

The iPad Pro: What the Rumours Are About

The iPad Pro: What the Rumours Are About

The rumours have just started circulating about the iPad Pro – the new Apple iPad rumoured to be in the works. When it comes to Apple products, the company remains quiet about what’s really happening as a rule of thumb.

new ipad pro

Dreamtab Is A Tablet Made For Kids

Dreamtab Is A Tablet Made For Kids

Have you ever watched a young child with a tablet or smartphone? They seem to possess the innate ability to use any device effortlessly. That’s probably because they have grown up watching mom and dad, or they were taught at an early age to use one.

dreamworks dreamtab for kids

The NeatConnect Scanner Is Novel

The NeatConnect Scanner Is Novel

We no longer live in a world where paper documents are required regularly. But, there are always a few instances when someone, somewhere, wants a paper copy of something that you have. In those cases, many of us scramble to find things like scanners, so that we can scan the paper document and send it via email or Dropbox to another person.

neatconnect scanner

FAA Approves Drone Testing Sites

FAA Approves Drone Testing Sites

Did you hear a rumour a while back that Amazon would start shipping packages via drone?

Well, there’s more news on that front today. About an hour ago, Reuters posted an article stating that the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States has approved six specific drone testing zones.

amazon drone delivery