The E.U. Internet: It’s In the Works

The E.U. Internet: It’s In the Works

Germany and France are currently collaborating to turn all Internet traffic generated by the two countries away from the U.S. Sparked by the recent NSA controversy, the two countries want to keep all emails and Internet searches away from U.S. Government eyes.

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Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

There’s a lot of news from the world of games today. In the spotlight are Nintendo and Rovio. These two companies don’t have much in common – or do they? Here’s what you need to know about both companies right now.

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More NSA News Unveiled

More NSA News Unveiled

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News about the NSA from the New York Times this morning is a bit shocking – but not for the reasons you may think. The NY Times states (based on documents leaked by – you guessed it – Edward Snowden) that the NSA has placed covert software in computers across the world.

Google’s New Offshore Data Centers – Mysterious and Creepy

Google’s New Offshore Data Centers – Mysterious and Creepy

There’s an island in San Francisco Bay called ‘Treasure Island.’ There’s nothing new about this mass of land, but there is a new structure being built on the island. This building is called ‘Building 3,’ and speculations are that Google owns the new building. What is the search giant up to?

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BitTorrent’s Server-Less Messenging Service

BitTorrent’s Server-Less Messenging Service

BitTorrent is working on a messaging client. What’s the big deal? This messaging client will be server-less. That’s right, BitTorrent’s newest messaging client won’t rely on any kind of server, so all messages sent through the client won’t be traceable. See what the big deal is now?

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John McAfee’s Solution to the NSA: A Curious Idea

John McAfee’s Solution to the NSA: A Curious Idea

It’s entirely possible that you’ve been using McAfee antivirus programs for a long time now. If you’ve purchased a PC any time in the past twenty years, you probably have McAfee by default.

But, how much do you know about the man behind the antivirus? John McAfee has an interesting past dotted with legal issues and questionable practices.

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