Steam’s New In-Home Streaming

Steam’s New In-Home Streaming

It’s fun to play games in bed. You shouldn’t, because it will keep you up for hours and mess with your sleep patterns, but it’s still fun.

You can play some serious games using a handheld device like the Vita, but that will require you to purchase said device (and shell out a few hundred bucks). Or, you can use Steam’s new in-home streaming system.

steam in home streaming

Got Netflix? Read This!

Got Netflix? Read This!

Got Netflix? On January 1st, the company will get rid of some content for good. The list is large and vast, but some shows you may want to save from the Netflix library include Mr. Bean, Kids in the Hall, the 2000 episodes of Saturday Night Live, and various others.

netflix removing shows and movies

Is A New YouTube Streaming Service Coming Soon?

Is A New YouTube Streaming Service Coming Soon?

How would you feel about a subscription-based YouTube music service? One that’s kind of like Spotify? Would you sign up for this type of service? Right now, those are hypothetical questions, but rumour has it that YouTube is currently working on creating such a music streaming service.

youtube streaming service

Apple TV update fails (Yes)

Apple TV update fails (Yes)
apple tv update fails

Last week was a big week for Apple. Not only did thousands line up in NYC to grab the latest iPhone, but the company also rolled out an Apple TV update – for a short while. Apple has since pulled the TV update due to some glitches and problems. So, if you’re having an issue with your newly updated Apple TV, you aren’t alone.