Toshiba’s Encore 2 Tablets Are Here

Toshiba’s Encore 2 Tablets Are Here

Toshiba has some new Windows tablets that are inexpensive and compact. Toshiba’s goal with the Encore 2 was to create two version of this tablet that is both affordable and easy to use.  How are they going to achieve that?

encore2 tablet

Microsoft’s Pro 3 Is Just An Upgrade

Microsoft’s Pro 3 Is Just An Upgrade

It has been said that tablets have completely replaced laptops. But, that’s not exactly true. As any of us that carry both a tablet and laptop know, tablets are great for entertainment purposes but aren’t actually ideal when it comes to, you know, doing anything

.surface pro 3

Dreamtab Is A Tablet Made For Kids

Dreamtab Is A Tablet Made For Kids

Have you ever watched a young child with a tablet or smartphone? They seem to possess the innate ability to use any device effortlessly. That’s probably because they have grown up watching mom and dad, or they were taught at an early age to use one.

dreamworks dreamtab for kids

The New Dell Tablet Is Cheap – But Not Great

The New Dell Tablet Is Cheap – But Not Great

Next week, you will see the all-new Dell Venue 8 tablet in stores. This table will be inexpensive at $179.99, and Dell is trying to catch the tablet crowd that doesn’t want to pay $500+ for an iPad. But, should you purchase this cheaper tablet? 

dell venue 8 tablet

The FAA Says Some Devices Are Okay!

The FAA Says Some Devices Are Okay!

How long has the FAA told passengers that any kind of technical device must be “shut off and stowed” during takeoff and landing? How long have we been told that we can’t use phones, tablets, or e-readers during these vital parts of a flight?
A long time, right? Well, that’s all history now.
kindle on airplanes?

Nokia’s Newest Phablet: The Lumia 1520

Nokia’s Newest Phablet: The Lumia 1520

new nokia lumia phablet

Looking for a smartphone and tablet in one? While some scoff at the giant smartphone look, others drool. Enter the Nokia Lumia 1520, Windows-based “phablet.” It offers a 6-inch HD display in a compact 0.34 inch size, along with some features from the PureView camera technology from the Lumia 1020.

Dell’s New Venue Pro Tablets Are Surprisingly Affordable

Dell’s New Venue Pro Tablets Are Surprisingly Affordable

dell venue pro tablets

Dell’s Windows 8.1 Venue tablets were officially debuted last month, but yesterday those tablets were offered for the first time online. If you’re one of the many people that plans to purchase a tablet during the holiday seasons, Dell has some good things to offer with the Venue lineup. Let’s take a closer look at the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

For Schools, The Latest iOS7 Update Is Bad News

For Schools, The Latest iOS7 Update Is Bad News

Schools are keeping up with the times by bringing iPads to students. A recent ‘Pew Internet’ study on tablet ownership conducted in June of 2013 shows that 34 percent of Americans over the age of 18 own a tablet.
So what can possibly go wrong?

ipad update issue