Synology DiskStation DS204se

Synology DiskStation DS204se

synology server

The problem: you need an affordable NAS server. The solution: the Synology Disk Station DS204se. It’s a great solution for someone on a budget who doesn’t want to compromise speed.Take a look at our review.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro [Click on the link to read more]

If you’re in the market for a decent IP camera, check out the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. It is highly customizable and features less lag time than its competitor, the Dropcam Pro, as well as offering SD card storage.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

Samsung’s Gear Fit Reviewed

Samsung’s Gear Fit Reviewed

gear fit pic

Samsung’s fitness band, the Gear Fit, just got updated. Included in this update are various features that Samsung created based on customer demand. If you are into fitness bands, you may want to check out what Samsung has done. Here’s a better look. 

Best Android Apps for Your New Device

Did you get a new Android device this Christmas? Wondering what apps you need to have now? Android apps have come a long way since the first Android phone was created, and now you’ll find a bunch of great apps are available – apps that you can’t live without. 

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The SmartCARD App Could Save Your Life

The SmartCARD App Could Save Your Life

Sometimes an app comes across the news wires that’s too strange or weird or wonderful to pass up. Those apps just beg to be written about. Today, that app comes from a team of Cornell University researchers that have devised a way to check your cholesterol using your smartphone.

smartcard app saves lives

The New Dell Tablet Is Cheap – But Not Great

The New Dell Tablet Is Cheap – But Not Great

Next week, you will see the all-new Dell Venue 8 tablet in stores. This table will be inexpensive at $179.99, and Dell is trying to catch the tablet crowd that doesn’t want to pay $500+ for an iPad. But, should you purchase this cheaper tablet? 

dell venue 8 tablet