This TV Tuns to Face You – Not the Other Way Around

This TV Tuns to Face You – Not the Other Way Around

Certain sports cars have something called a memory setting. This setting allows drivers to program seat positions, so that every time a particular driver gets into a car, the seat will automatically adjust to that programmed position. 

Now, imagine a TV that does the same thing. 

beovision tv

Is a Chromebook Right For You?

Is a Chromebook Right For You?

Chromebooks have a certain appeal, since they are relatively cheap. Plus, if you need to buy a new computer for XP reasons, Chromebooks may look very attractive right now. 

Is it rght for you? Let’s take a look.

HP Chromebook

The Actiontec Wireless Extender Plus Powerline Network Adapter 500

Do you have a wireless network at home, with one room that just can’t seem to allow you to pick up a signal? It can be frustrating for sure!

Actiontec Wireless Network Adaptor

The Actiontec Wireless Network Extender Plus Powerline Network Adapter 500 Kit allows you to extend the range of your home network, whether wired or Wi-Fi.

Razer’s New 14-inch Blade Is Tops

Razer’s New 14-inch Blade Is Tops

new razer blade 14 inch

The biggest complaint users of the previous Razer Blade had was that the screen just wasn’t bright enough. The Blade that was released two years ago offered gamers a low-resolution screen not suited for excellent gameplay. That’s all changed.

The WD My Cloud EX2 Server is Affordable and Helpful

The WD My Cloud EX2 Server is Affordable and Helpful

NAS My Cloud EX2 Server

Looking for an affordable NAS server that is fast and offers a personal cloud for those occasions when you are traveling? Check out the WD My Cloud EX2. It is WD’s latest My Cloud server, and operates just as its predecessors did, except it does them better.

Meet Microsoft’s New Cloud Storage Service (Kind Of!)

Microsoft rebranded its cloud storage service today. Now, the old ‘SkyDrive‘ service is called ‘OneDrive.’ To commemorate the change (brought about by a lawsuit), Microsoft is giving away free storage to 100,000 users that enter Microsoft’s giveaway contest this afternoon (check out the company’s main site or social sites).

microsoft OneDrive

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

Thought BlackBerry was on its way out? Think again. Although investors might have lost faith, the United States government has brought them back from the brink and given them quite a bit of credibility.

department of defence and blackberry

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

The Jawbone Era is a Bluetooth headset. But, it’s not the Bluetooth headset you’re thinking about. This one lets you talk to Siri, make phone callslisten to music, and do anything you would normally do while starting at your phone screen – only, you don’t have to stare at your screen in order to use the Era.

the jawbone era

Curved TVs: Should You Buy One?

Throughout the next year or so, you will start to see a lot of curved TVs hit the market. The claim behind these televisions is that a curved shape makes for better overall viewing.

Just how accurate is that claim? And, should you shell out top dollar for a curved TV?

LG Curved TV