How to Clean Your PC Inside and Out

How to Clean Your PC Inside and Out

pc cleaning
If your PC is getting sluggish, there’s a really good chance that you have to do some cleaning. And since it’s spring, why not take a bit of time one day to extend your spring-cleaning to your PC? Read more to find out, how to do it.

Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Not getting the domain name you originally wanted can be a very frustrating thing. This becomes even more frustrating when a company claims that you are ‘cyber-squatting’ when you’re just trying to find a name that suits your band.

donuts domain name

Kaspersky Says that Android Banking Apps Aren’t Safe

Kaspersky Says that Android Banking Apps Aren’t Safe

News from Kaspersky today may want you to reconsider using your Android phone to do banking activities. The security company issued a warning to consumers that banking apps on Android phones are extremely vulnerable.

kaspersky android banking apps

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

BlackBerry Picks Up the Pentagon

Thought BlackBerry was on its way out? Think again. Although investors might have lost faith, the United States government has brought them back from the brink and given them quite a bit of credibility.

department of defence and blackberry

Makers of Candy Crush Saga Trademark ‘Candy’

Makers of Candy Crush Saga Trademark ‘Candy’

Are you a Candy Crush Saga addict? You’re not alone. The popular game has been downloaded a startling 500 million times since its initial release in 2012. 500 million! That’s a whole lot of candy crushed!

candy crush saga trademark

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

This Is Not Your Dad’s Bluetooth Earpiece

The Jawbone Era is a Bluetooth headset. But, it’s not the Bluetooth headset you’re thinking about. This one lets you talk to Siri, make phone callslisten to music, and do anything you would normally do while starting at your phone screen – only, you don’t have to stare at your screen in order to use the Era.

the jawbone era

Is Nintendo In Big Trouble?

Is Nintendo In Big Trouble?

Nintendo was founded in 1889. This company has been around for a really long time, and Nintendo has gone through many changes over the years. The company was originally a game card manufacturer, but later moved to toys and video games (in addition to many other devices along the way).

nintendo reports really low numbers

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Google Now Lets G+ Users Send Direct Emails

Been getting emails from Google Plus users lately? Wondering where those emails are coming from? It’s no accident. Google now makes it possible for any Google Plus user to send emails directly to your inbox if you use GMail.

google's google plus image