This TV Tuns to Face You – Not the Other Way Around

This TV Tuns to Face You – Not the Other Way Around

Certain sports cars have something called a memory setting. This setting allows drivers to program seat positions, so that every time a particular driver gets into a car, the seat will automatically adjust to that programmed position. 

Now, imagine a TV that does the same thing. 

beovision tv

Last Season of ‘The Clone Wars’ Available Through Netflix

Last Season of ‘The Clone Wars’ Available Through Netflix

Before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the sixth season of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ was already in development. Even though the series was canceled the minute the acquisition went through, Lucasfilm promised its devoted public that the sixth season would see the light of day.

star wars the clone wars picture

Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Information about the new Apple TV is starting to surface from reliable sources across the web. If those sources are right – and they often are – this version of Apple TV isn’t going to be anything like the others.

will apple tv replace your cable box?

Curved TVs: Should You Buy One?

Throughout the next year or so, you will start to see a lot of curved TVs hit the market. The claim behind these televisions is that a curved shape makes for better overall viewing.

Just how accurate is that claim? And, should you shell out top dollar for a curved TV?

LG Curved TV

Got Netflix? Read This!

Got Netflix? Read This!

Got Netflix? On January 1st, the company will get rid of some content for good. The list is large and vast, but some shows you may want to save from the Netflix library include Mr. Bean, Kids in the Hall, the 2000 episodes of Saturday Night Live, and various others.

netflix removing shows and movies

Curved: Should You Buy Into this TV Trend?

Curved: Should You Buy Into this TV Trend?

Is curved what’s next when it comes to TVs? It certainly looks that way. But, curved, it seems, is not enough. The TVs being shown off at IFA Berlin were not only curved, they were also monstrous. LG has officially launched the biggest curved TV at a whopping 78-inches. That’s a big TV.

LG oled