Is Twitter A Good Investment?

Is Twitter A Good Investment?

twitter stock plumeting

The social media company got off to a bang with shares as high as $74 in December. The stock has recently slumped to $37.24. 

The reason for the stock slump is two-fold. On one hand, Twitter’s growth has been slowing. On the other hand, banks are offering investors conflicting advice where investments are concerned. Should you invest? 

The New Twitter Website Cards

The New Twitter Website Cards

Twitter told the world that it would soon be displaying new types of ads in Twitter feeds. Well, the company has made good on that promise today. Across the globe, Twitter users will now see advertisements directly in a feed. 


Twitter Asks Users to Verify Age

Twitter Asks Users to Verify Age

Twitter takes this underage drinking thing seriously, it seems. The social network is now asking any user that follows certain brewing companies to verify age requirements prior to following that person. If those age restrictions are not met in 24 hours, no following will happen.

twitter age verification

Facebook and Pinterest Are Most Important

Facebook and Pinterest Are Most Important


New companies trying to figure out where to spend ad dollars are often left guessing. It’s clear that social networks attract a lot of people, so placing ads on those networks is probably a good idea. But what network is the most lucrative? Is Twitter or Facebook a better place to spend precious ad dollars?

Are Twitter’s Reported Losses a Big Deal?

Are Twitter’s Reported Losses a Big Deal?

Twitter filed for an IPO this past week. In order to do so, the social media company had to report past earnings and losses. While some of the numbers that Twitter reported were a testament to the company’s amazing growth over the years, Twitter also reported some rather big losses.


Twitter’s MagicRecs Is Marketing Magic

Twitter will soon send out push notifications to certain Twitter users through its popular MagicRecs account. In case you’re not familiar with MagicRecs, this Twitter account is actually an “experiment” that’s testing out the concept of sending personalized push notifications toTwitter followers – here are some more details.

Twitter’s MagicRecs Is Marketing Magic

twitter magicrecs