You Can Now Return Used Games to Walmart

You Can Now Return Used Games to Walmart

Wal-Mart is getting into the used video game trade. The store announced today that it will allow customers to return used video games for major consoles to any Wal-Mart of Sam’s’ Club (owned by Wal-Mart) store.

walmart used games

New Educational Games for Kids

New Educational Games for Kids

IF Games for Kids

Can emotional and social skills be taught through video games? The founder of EA Games, Trip Hawkins, thinks so. Hawkins has raised more than 6 million dollars in funding for an educational game startup called the ‘If You Can Company.’

Is Nintendo In Big Trouble?

Is Nintendo In Big Trouble?

Nintendo was founded in 1889. This company has been around for a really long time, and Nintendo has gone through many changes over the years. The company was originally a game card manufacturer, but later moved to toys and video games (in addition to many other devices along the way).

nintendo reports really low numbers

Goji Play: a New Way to Workout

Goji Play: a New Way to Workout

Tired of the same old boring gym workouts? Say hello to Goji Play from startup Goji Blue, creators of Guitar Hero. For $99, you can make the gym feel like a video game with their neat little device that senses your movements in real time. Wait, what? Trying to imagine how this works?

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Console News: Microsoft Releases Xbox One Entertainment

Console News: Microsoft Releases Xbox One Entertainment

November 22nd is quickly approaching, and that means that the launch of the Xbox One is just a few weeks away. To prepare gamers for the launch, Microsoft has started letting press in on what to expect with the new console.

xbox one console entertainment information

The Complete PS4 and Xbox One App Lineup

The Complete PS4 and Xbox One App Lineup

xbox one app lineup

If you’re planning on buying a Xbox One when the console launches on November 22nd, you’ll want to keep reading. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the complete U.S. (and other) app lineup for the new One console. 

Battlefield 4 Will Knock Your Socks Off – If You Have the Right

Battlefield 4 Will Knock Your Socks Off – If You Have the Right

The last Battlefield title was released in 2011. Now, a new Battlefield game is here. Battlefield 4 is more intense than Battlefield 3 in every way, and this game comes with a lot of bonuses that you’ll love.

battlefield 4

Is the Army Stealing Weapon Designs from Halo?

Is the Army Stealing Weapon Designs from Halo?

So, it’s not every day that video games become a part of real life – or, rather, a concept from a video game. Often, it’s the other way around with parts of real life entering the storyline of a video game. 

But, there are exceptions to every rule. 
army halo helmet

The Wii Is Out of Lives

The Wii Is Out of Lives

wii out of production

When the Wii first came out, it was the console to end consoles. Nintendo billed the Wii as the one gaming console that wasn’t like the rest, and it really wasn’t. The Wii was fun, active, and interactive – it had kids and grandparents alike standing up, moving, and playing. But, now, that’s all over.