R-Studio – software update

R-Studio – software update

We  released  new  builds  for  all  R-Studio  versions (Windows, Mac,
Linux).  It  includes  several  bugfixes:  shortened  RAID partitions,
overwritten  MFT  file  records,  incorrect  hard link processing, and
R-Studio: http://forum.r-tt.com/r-studio-7-2-155117-t8673.html
R-Studio for Mac: http://forum.r-tt.com/r-studio-for-mac-4-5-2904-t8675.html
R-Studio for Linux: http://forum.r-tt.com/r-studio-for-linux-3-5-1297-t8674.html

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The EU to Google: People Have the Right to Removal

The EU to Google: People Have the Right to Removal

Europe doesn’t operate like North America. In the case of Internet privacy, that’s a really good thing. As a result of a ruling from a EU court, Google has set up a webpage that lets EU residents request the removal of certain links containing personal information. So, how can we do it?

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Use These Text Encryption Apps

Use These Text Encryption Apps

Can you do anything about the countless apps that record and track your personal data? Did the world make a mistake when we started using smartphones and apps in return for giving up every inch of ourselves to companies?


New builds of R-Studio for Mac and Linux released

New builds of R-Studio for Mac and Linux released

We  released new builds of R-Studio for Mac and Linux, keeping up with
R-Studio  for  Windows:  NTFS  and  HFS+  hardlink  recovery  and many
bugfixes. Here are the links: 

Zdjęcie: We  released  a  new  build of R-Studio, a world-leading data recovery program: NTFS and HFS+ hardlink recovery and many bugfixes.
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Spotify Android Users: What to Do

Spotify Android Users: What to Do

spotify hack attack

This past Tuesday, Spotify announced that its systems had been hacked. As a result, one Android user’s information was compromised. Not taking any chances, the company has asked Android users to upgrade to avoid future attacks.