New Educational Games for Kids

New Educational Games for Kids

IF Games for Kids

Can emotional and social skills be taught through video games? The founder of EA Games, Trip Hawkins, thinks so. Hawkins has raised more than 6 million dollars in funding for an educational game startup called the ‘If You Can Company.’

WePopp Adds Restaurant Booking Via OpenTable

Great app!


WePopp , an iOS and Android app to help you plan events with friends, is extending its monetisation strategy today via a partnership with restaurant booking engine OpenTable. The new integration adds the ability to book a restaurant without leaving the app, whilst it also means the French startup is leaving less money on the table, too. It earns a commission for every table booked.

A quick recap of WePopp’s raison d’être: The app, which competes most directly with U.S-based Rundavoo, enables you to plan events with friends in just a few taps with a simple way to poll the group to find a date, time and place that suits everybody.

As the event organiser, you first pick what you want to do from a list of pre-defined categories, such as go for a drink, meal, a party, or take a weekend trip. Next you fill out further details, including — crucially…

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Meet Microsoft’s New Cloud Storage Service (Kind Of!)

Microsoft rebranded its cloud storage service today. Now, the old ‘SkyDrive‘ service is called ‘OneDrive.’ To commemorate the change (brought about by a lawsuit), Microsoft is giving away free storage to 100,000 users that enter Microsoft’s giveaway contest this afternoon (check out the company’s main site or social sites).

microsoft OneDrive

Qualcomm’s New Spapdragon 805 Processor In Action

Qualcomm’s New Spapdragon 805 Processor In Action

qualcomm snapdragon processor

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor isn’t new news. The company actually announced the processor back in November. But, it’s not until now that news of what the process can do has surfaced.

Here’s Why BlackBerry Stock Is Up

Here’s Why BlackBerry Stock Is Up

When Research and Motion was founded in 1984, the company had one clear mission: to create highly secure devices. The first BlackBerry device was released in 1999, and it was one of the most secure devices on the market.