1,000 Days of Syria: A Game With Very Real Roots

1,000 Days of Syria: A Game With Very Real Roots

1000 days of syria

What is it about our society that puts celebrity news ahead of war on the trending list? Why do we care more about the ‘real housewives of some county’ more than we care about horrendous war crimes? This game is about to change it. 

‘Glorious Leader!’ Is One Seriously Controversial Game

‘Glorious Leader!’ Is One Seriously Controversial Game

Atlanta-based Moneyhorse Games has just announced a new and extremely controversial game called ‘Glorious Leader.’ The game features an animation of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as he rides a unicorn and fights the U.S. Army. Yeah, there’s no controversy there, right? 

gloriousleader game

Sony Opens Up to Indie Game Developers

Sony Opens Up to Indie Game Developers

Sony has recently announced that more than 1,000 independent studios can now self-publish games forPlayStation 3, 4, and PS Vita. So far, more than 20 self-published games have already been released, and those games are doing really well so far.

sony opens up to indie game developers

You Can Now Return Used Games to Walmart

You Can Now Return Used Games to Walmart

Wal-Mart is getting into the used video game trade. The store announced today that it will allow customers to return used video games for major consoles to any Wal-Mart of Sam’s’ Club (owned by Wal-Mart) store.

walmart used games

Razer’s New 14-inch Blade Is Tops

Razer’s New 14-inch Blade Is Tops

new razer blade 14 inch

The biggest complaint users of the previous Razer Blade had was that the screen just wasn’t bright enough. The Blade that was released two years ago offered gamers a low-resolution screen not suited for excellent gameplay. That’s all changed.