How to Run XP Safely

How to Run XP Safely

how to fun xp safelyThere are roughly 1.5 billion PCs in the world. Out of those PCs, almost 30% still run Windows XP. If you are part of that statistic, you may be wondering how you can still use XP without becoming the victim of a hacker attack.

R-Drive Image 5.2.5209 Released

R-Drive Image 5.2.5209 Released

R-TT, inc released a new build of R-Drive Image, a disk imaging,
backup, and copying software. Better work with encrypted disks, a new
Linux kernel and graphic system for the startup version, and several

R-TT Software Forum

Should You Invest in BitCoins?

Should You Invest in BitCoins?

The BitCoin movement feels like a bit of a gold rush. As BitCoin ATMs pop up all over North America, the mainstream crowd is now being let in on what tech-savvy individuals have known for many months now. Yes, there’s a new currency, and, yes, it’s really interesting.

should you invest in bitcoins

Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Not getting the domain name you originally wanted can be a very frustrating thing. This becomes even more frustrating when a company claims that you are ‘cyber-squatting’ when you’re just trying to find a name that suits your band.

donuts domain name