How Documents Stored On Box And Dropbox Could End Up On Google

Should you be afraid?

A rival to both cloud-storage services explains how links to your Dropbox and Box documents could end up in the wrong hands.

How to Run XP Safely

How to Run XP Safely

how to fun xp safelyThere are roughly 1.5 billion PCs in the world. Out of those PCs, almost 30% still run Windows XP. If you are part of that statistic, you may be wondering how you can still use XP without becoming the victim of a hacker attack.

R-Drive Image 5.2.5209 Released

R-Drive Image 5.2.5209 Released

R-TT, inc released a new build of R-Drive Image, a disk imaging,
backup, and copying software. Better work with encrypted disks, a new
Linux kernel and graphic system for the startup version, and several

R-TT Software Forum

Should You Invest in BitCoins?

Should You Invest in BitCoins?

The BitCoin movement feels like a bit of a gold rush. As BitCoin ATMs pop up all over North America, the mainstream crowd is now being let in on what tech-savvy individuals have known for many months now. Yes, there’s a new currency, and, yes, it’s really interesting.

should you invest in bitcoins

Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Not getting the domain name you originally wanted can be a very frustrating thing. This becomes even more frustrating when a company claims that you are ‘cyber-squatting’ when you’re just trying to find a name that suits your band.

donuts domain name