Want to Die in Game of Thrones? Here’s Your Chance!


R.R.Martin wants to kill you. Well, he wants you to donate $20,000 to a New Mexico wolf sanctuary, and then he’ll kill you in his next book. The author has offered to put two people that donate $20,000 to the sanctuary into his next book titled ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’


Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Compared

Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Compared

hulu logoThere are more and more alternatives to cable appearing. Yet, cable companies keep raising rates. How can this be? Most TV watchers are unclear about how to go about cutting the cable cord – it’s that old safety, after all. 

Last Season of ‘The Clone Wars’ Available Through Netflix

Last Season of ‘The Clone Wars’ Available Through Netflix

Before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the sixth season of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ was already in development. Even though the series was canceled the minute the acquisition went through, Lucasfilm promised its devoted public that the sixth season would see the light of day.

star wars the clone wars picture