iOS 8 Updates Explained

iOS 8 Updates Explained

Apple has just unveiled the latest version of iOS, iOS 8. This version comes with a lot of updates and changes that are both interesting and useful. Here’s what you can expect.
ios 8 update

Toshiba’s Encore 2 Tablets Are Here

Toshiba’s Encore 2 Tablets Are Here

Toshiba has some new Windows tablets that are inexpensive and compact. Toshiba’s goal with the Encore 2 was to create two version of this tablet that is both affordable and easy to use.  How are they going to achieve that?

encore2 tablet

Microsoft’s Pro 3 Is Just An Upgrade

Microsoft’s Pro 3 Is Just An Upgrade

It has been said that tablets have completely replaced laptops. But, that’s not exactly true. As any of us that carry both a tablet and laptop know, tablets are great for entertainment purposes but aren’t actually ideal when it comes to, you know, doing anything

.surface pro 3

Meet the MiPad: The Plastic iPad Mini

Meet the MiPad: The Plastic iPad Mini


Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has just unveiled a new tablet that takes directly and purposeful aim at Apple. The tablet is called the MiPad, and will be available for testing in mid-June. 

How to Connect Your iPad to a USB Flash Drive

How to Connect Your iPad to a USB Flash Drive

I love the iPad, I really do. The interface is far more intuitive than any other tablet that I’ve tested out, and it’s even easier to use if you are already familiar with Apple products like the iPhone. But, Apple didn’t include a USB port with any iPad.