Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)

Not getting the domain name you originally wanted can be a very frustrating thing. This becomes even more frustrating when a company claims that you are ‘cyber-squatting’ when you’re just trying to find a name that suits your band.

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Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Will Apple TV Replace Your Cable Box?

Information about the new Apple TV is starting to surface from reliable sources across the web. If those sources are right – and they often are – this version of Apple TV isn’t going to be anything like the others.

will apple tv replace your cable box?

Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

Rovio, Nintendo, and Top Gaming News

There’s a lot of news from the world of games today. In the spotlight are Nintendo and Rovio. These two companies don’t have much in common – or do they? Here’s what you need to know about both companies right now.

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CEO Tim Cook Says Touch ID Was Part Of Apple’s Thinking Around Mobile Payments


Apple CEO Tim Cook actually discussed mobile payments directly on the company’s earnings call today, saying that it’s an area that has “intrigued” the company and that mobile payments actually figured in the company’s thinking around Touch ID.

There’s been a considerable amount of discussion around Apple’s potential exploration of the mobile payments space recently, after the Wall Street Journal reported that Cupertino was exploring payment tech and the ability to use iOS devices to buy physical goods. Cook noted that customers have responded positively to being able to buy digital goods including music, movies and apps via Touch ID, and suggested that there’s potential for use of the fingerprint-scanning tech in other kinds of commerce, too.

Apple has also filed a patent recently for a “touchless” payment system that uses a “secure element” on the iPhone to store and protect payment information. Apple already employs just such a…

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Kaspersky Says that Android Banking Apps Aren’t Safe

Kaspersky Says that Android Banking Apps Aren’t Safe

News from Kaspersky today may want you to reconsider using your Android phone to do banking activities. The security company issued a warning to consumers that banking apps on Android phones are extremely vulnerable.

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Research Shows That Facebook is Doomed

Research Shows That Facebook is Doomed

Have you noticed a lag in Facebook activity lately? Princeton University researchers have noticed the same thing.

Those researchers took it one step further too. The researchers have discovered that Facebook will loose approximately 80% of its users by 2017 – that’s three years from now.

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