Instagram’s New Editing Tools Rock

Instagram’s New Editing Tools Rock

Instagram is releasing an update to the popular app today. This update comes with a lot of photo editing tools that may mean you’ll never have to use that PhotoShop app again. What’s new?
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Use These Text Encryption Apps

Use These Text Encryption Apps

Can you do anything about the countless apps that record and track your personal data? Did the world make a mistake when we started using smartphones and apps in return for giving up every inch of ourselves to companies?



google reveals CLASSROOM.

The Google Classroom

Being a teacher doesn’t end when the kids go home. After 3 p.m. you still have to develop the curriculum, grade assignments, and more.

This week, though, Google introduced a suite of education tools that aims to make it easier for teachers to collect homework as part of its Apps for Education initiative. It is called Google Classroom.

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Out of Africa: Tech’s Next Big Thing

Out of Africa: Tech’s Next Big Thing

Maybe African tech startups aren’t new news, but things are starting to stir in Africa. While Western blogs haven’t covered many African tech startups, there are more than a handful of startup competitions in Africa – and plenty of innovative companies emerging.

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Facebook Purchases Move App

Facebook Purchases Move App

The latest tech trend is fitness and fitness devices. So, it’s no wonder, really, that Facebook is trying to get in on this trend. The company has just purchased the “Moves” activity tracking app, in the hopes that you’ll keep using the app, or start using it if you don’t already. 

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What Does CarPlay Do?

What Does CarPlay Do?

Apple’s CarPlay has been the subject of many car-related conversations lately. The world finally got a glimpse of what the console will look like and how it will act this past Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show. Let’s take a look:

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